Monday, December 21, 2009

Three Possibilities For Miguel Cotto's Planned Return - Foreman, Margarito, Cintron

by James Slater

Warrior Miguel Cotto, who recently made it public how he intends to retire by the time he hits the age of 30, will possibly make his return to the ring in June of next year; in New York and on the eve of The annual National Puerto Rican Day parade. Cotto, as his fans are aware, has fought on this date a number of times previously, and, according to Dan Rafael over at, promoter Bob Arum is currently working on making this happen again..

Badly beaten by pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao in November, some people, myself included, wondered if Cotto would ever want to fight again. He does. But now he and Arum have to agree on who the former two-weight king should face in his comeback bout.

According to ESPN, there are three possible big-name opponents against whom Cotto could return against; and all three fighters would make extremely interesting opponents for the 29-year-old who is 34-2(27). They are: WBA 154-pound champion Yuri Foreman, Cotto's fellow Puerto Rican Kermit Cintron and, perhaps most interestingly, Antonio Margarito, who, of course, met and defeated Cotto in July of last year.

For Cotto to fight Foreman, a move up in weight would of course be needed, and the chance would be for Cotto to win his third "world" title at different weights. Arum told that new WBA champ Foreman's next fight will likely go ahead in March (against a TBA, venue to be decided) and that he could then perhaps face Cotto three months later. A win for Foreman would help propel him into the big time, while a win for Cotto would make him a champion all over again.

As for Cintron, reports how Arum and fellow promoter Lou DiBella have sat and talked about the fight, and it taking place at Madison Square Garden.

"Bob and Cotto have other options, but Cintron is certainly on the radar screen," DiBella said.

In all likelihood, however, a rematch between Cotto and the disgraced (and soon to be re-licensed) Margarito would prove the biggest draw of the three possibilities. Sure, a good number of fans have vented much anger on the Mexican, with some even saying they will never watch "Margacheato" fight again. But say what you want: Margarito's inevitable ring return WILL attract a load of attention - even more if it's against Cotto!

For what it's worth, my hunch tells me Cotto will opt for a fresh start, and decide to take on Foreman in a weight division the Puerto Rican star has not fought in before. Also an interesting fight, Cotto-Foreman would probably sell out The Garden.

Either way, and whoever he fights, it will be good to see the always-exciting Cotto back in action.


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