Monday, December 28, 2009

Miguel Cotto vs Felix Trinidad: Tito Wants The Fight?

By Mark Vester

Could the ultimate all-Puerto Rico super fight be in the works? According to a report in El Nuevo Dia, former three division champion Felix "Tito" Trinidad is interested in a career-ending catchweight fight with Miguel Cotto in 2010. The Puerto Rico based newspaper spoke to a source who refused to disclose their name on the record. Going by the comments, the source seems to be someone affiliated with Trinidad.

"For a lot of people it might sound outlandish, but the truth is that they both need a great fight to finish their careers," the source said. "We know that Cotto is thinking about moving up in weight for his next fight, and there is enough time, if we get a quick agreement, that Tito can get to a healthy weight because he is a guy who is careful and does not gain a lot of weight. They can negotiate anywhere between 158 and 164."

Does anyone actually think Trinidad can get to 158 or 164? He barely made 170 for last January's fight with Roy Jones Jr. Trinidad is simply too big for Cotto. The promoters are at not eactly friends. I don't even remember the last time Bob Arum of Top Rank made any sort of deal with Trinidad's promoter Don King. The dream fight of Puerto Rico is simply what it is, a dream.


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