Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gensan gears up for Pacquiao’s birthday bash


MANILA, Philippines -- General Santos City is currently gearing up for Manny Pacquiao’s 31st birthday celebration this coming Thursday (December 17).

A regional report said organizers are currently dressing up the KCC Convention Center, the same site where the pound-for-pound boxing champion celebrated his birthday last year.

Organizers said that unlike last year’s theme that focused on Pacquiao’s life as a boxer, this year’s celebration will emphasize other facets of his life.

Among this year’s birthday themes are Pacquiao’s roles as a son, father and husband.

The event, which will also serve as a mini-concert, will also highlight Pacquiao’s entrepreneurial skills and his acting and singing talents.

The celebration will be a tribute to Pacquiao after he won 7 world titles in 7 different weight classes.

‘Pacquiao loves singing more than boxing’

The Centerpoint band, which will serve as the front act of Pacquiao’s grand birthday bash, is also busy rehearsing.

Its lead composer Julius Paler has actually written Pacquiao a song titled “King of the Ring”.

Paler said the song is just right for Pacquiao, who recently won the World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight title from Puerto Rican boxer Miguel Cotto last month.

Pacquiao’s main composer, Lito Camo, also arrived on site to join the rehearsals.

Camo said Pacquiao, who has released several recording albums, said is excited to sing at the concert.

“Actually si Manny, mas excited pa ata sa pagiging singer niya, kaysa sa pagiging boksingero. (Actually Manny seems more excited about his being a singer than his being a boxer),” he said.

Organizers will also hold a raffle draw, which counts a Toyota Vios as the grand prize.

Cotto doubtful to attend party

Meanwhile, Cotto is reportedly doubtful if he can attend the celebration.

Cotto, who had earlier expressed interest in visiting the Philippines, may not join Pacquiao on his 31st birthday owing to time constraint, according to MB.com.ph.

The report said Cotto aide-de-camp Bryan Perez sent a message to Pacquiao’s assistant, Joe Ramos, that the Puerto Rican champ wishes the Filipino "all the best in his birthday."

“Maybe, some other time (Cotto will get to visit the Philippines),” Perez said in the article. “Still, Miguel wishes Manny a happy birthday.”

Last year’s guests include former Pacquiao opponent David Diaz, Venezuelan champ Edwin Valero, Top Rank promoter Bob Arum and American boxing trainer Freddie Roach. With a report from Chat Ansagay, ABS-CBN News SOKSARGEN


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