Thursday, November 5, 2009

Will Cotto get the last laugh?

Mississippi Fight Sports Examiner
Brad Cooney

There is absolutely no doubt about it, Pacquiao gets way more ink than his future opponent Miguel Cotto does. Headline after headline, it's Pacquiao this, and Pacquiao that, with Miguel Cotto rarely getting much mention, unless it's in a manner that portrays him as getting a future beat down.

The Puerto Rican champion has had a very quiet and very focused training camp. There hasn't been as much as a peep out of his camp thus far. Is an upset in the making? Most say "no" but that doesn't mean that it's not possible. The greatest fighters of all time have been beaten, and some have been on the losing end of some major upsets. Take Mike Tyson for example. Who in their wildest imagination would have dreamed that Buster Douglas would fly to Japan broke, and fly back home to America as the world heavyweight champion with a chunk of money in the bank?

Is it possible that Miguel Cotto can defeat Manny Pacquiao? Yes it is possible. Is it probable that Miguel Cotto will defeat Manny Pacquiao? No, it's not very probable. With that said, it's not completely impossible.

Pacquiao fans for the most part feel as if their champion is invincible. I mean, can you blame them? He's done nothing but demolish legends. Pacquiao himself is a bit more humble about it. He is very confident, but he is not cocky and brash about his talent.

What would the boxing forums be like in a world where Manny Pacquiao was defeated? Would they be littered with excuses and back peddling? Or would the Filipino fans be stand up about it, and give Cotto is due credit?

The only time Cotto was soundly defeated was when he faced Antonio Margarito, and who knows what was inside Margarito's gloves at the time. In fact, that was the only time he has been defeated. Cotto has taken down some very impressive names as well, such as Mosley, Judah, Clottey, and Malignaggi. He's a full fledged welterweight, big and strong. Although not many people are saying Cotto wins this fight, it wouldn't be completely crazy if the guy pulled it off.

Miguel Cotto is straight up warrior. He may not be as fast as Pacquiao, but he damn sure has heart and he can crack like a whip. Recently in an interview with, fellow countryman Hector Camacho Jr not surprisingly predicted a Cotto victory. Camacho feels that Cotto's jab is the key. If he is successful with his jab, Camacho believes that everything else will set up off of that jab and Cotto wins.

Pacquiao gets an awful lot of the headlines these days, but he has earned it. Cotto has not been blessed with the same amount of headline love, but I don't think he's crying about it. This fight is getting closer and closer, and at the end of the fight a lot of questions will have answers. I wonder if Floyd Mayweather Jr will be in attendance?


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