Thursday, November 5, 2009

Roach predicts Pacquiao destruction over Cotto

Mississippi Fight Sports Examiner
Brad Cooney

When Freddie Roach makes a prediction it is usually pretty darn close to what actually happens. Recently the legendary trainer not only predicted that Pacquiao will win, but he predicted that he will win quickly, perhaps via first-round knockout. Roach gives numerous reasons as to why he feels this fight will end up a bad one for Cotto.

1. Cotto's corner. Roach points out that Cotto's corner is very inexperienced. In a fight against a ring killer like Manny Pacquiao, one's corner better be ready.
2. Cotto's lack of movement. Roach points out that Cotto does not move fast enough. In a fight against a man with speed like Pacquiao, you better be able to move quickly.
3. Cotto telegraphs his punches. Roach points out that Cotto has flaws in his game that remind him of Ricky Hatton. He said that both Hatton and Cotto telegraph when they are going to throw a hook. Manny will be ready for this.
4. Cotto cuts easily. With the amount of punches that Pacquiao will be throwing at Cotto, it could open up cuts early.

These are just four reasons why Roach predicts an early night for Pacquiao, and a bad night for Cotto. According to Roach, Manny wouldn't even be breaking out a sweat yet. Roach predicts a first-round knockout.

This writer feels as if this fight goes well past the first round. I do not see a first-round knockout for Pacquiao, but I do see a convincing win for him. Time will certainly tell.Justify Full


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