Sunday, November 1, 2009

Miguel Cotto is Too Strong For Pacquiao, Says Chavez

By Mark Vester

Joe Chavez, the veteran cutman who worked in the past with Manny Pacquiao, and is now working with WBO welterweight champion Miguel Cotto, predicts the Puerto Rican star will be too big and too strong for Manny on November 14. He says Pacquiao is a very talented fighter but not big or strong enough to overcome the physical disadvantages in the fight.

"Pacquiao is a terrific small fighter who beat some bigger fighters who weren't as talented [as Cotto] like [Ricky] Hatton and Oscar De La Hoya, who was no longer the same fighter as he was in the past. But Cotto is better than those two and he is bigger and stronger than Pacquiao," Chavez told Primera Hora. "All things being equal, if you have a small talented fighter and another fighter who is equally talented but bigger - the bigger of those two will win."

Chavez pointed to few historical examples to prove his point. He doesn't see how Pacquiao will be able to deal with Cotto's size and strength. He thinks Cotto will be able to neutalize the speed of Manny.

"Bob Foster was a great fighter at 180-pounds but when went up to the heavyweight against Muhammad Ali, he was knocked out in the eighth round," said Chavez. "Also, the same can be said about Sugar Ray Robinson, that was a great weight welterweight and later became the best at 160-pounds. But when he went up in weight to fight Joey Maxim (at 173-pounds) - the size difference was too much."

"I take nothing away from Manny. He is a good fighter and I know him. But Cotto is going to be too strong for him. If there is a clinch, Cotto can literally pick him up and throw him to the floor. And Cotto is a well rounded fighter who knows how to make adjustments in the ring."


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