Sunday, November 22, 2009

Miguel Cotto: "I will continue fighting".

Norfolk Boxing Examiner Glenn Wilson

The event is over, but not the fighting spirit. Miguel Cotto has let it be known that the loss to Manny Pacquiao may have dampened his spirit, but not his desire to fight on. When asked by HBO's Larry Merchant if he would continue to fight, Miguel responded, "Yeah. I will continue, I will continue fighting."

Merchant also asked Cotto if Manny's propensity to throw many punches from various angles was the difference in the fight. "Yeah, it really made the difference, he jabs and throws. Makes alot of difference because I didn't see from where the punch was coming. I didn't protect myself from the punches."

Cotto and Pacquiao put on a great show for the first four rounds. It was after that point that the fight was controlled by Pacquiao. Manny's nonstop punches allowed him to floor Miguel twice.

The battered Cotto fought on gamely, although he did hear some boos when he danced away from Pacquiao during the later rounds. The volume and angles really did a job on Miguel's face. To Cotto's credit, he took the best Manny could throw at him and tried to make it to the final bell.

Pacquiao has become the complete opposite of what many old timers said was impossible, bring your punch with you when you move up in weight. One theory is that he has grown into his more natural weight, instead of draining himself to make the 130 to 135 weight limits. Add to that his amazing foot and hand speed and we are seeing one man who is surely destined to make anyone's alltime great list.

Critics had said that they were interested to see how Manny would stand up to a full fledged welterweight's power. He passed this test with flying colors also. Cotto landed heavy shots on Manny, only to have Pacquiao spring back with punches of his own.

The only thing left for Pacquiao is Mayweather. It would be hard to imagine that there is a fight any true fan would want to see more, including Freddie Roach. Roach stated so much immediately after the fight.

As far as Miguel Cotto, he will continue fighting. This comes as great news to the fans in Cotto nation. And let the reality of his fight be told. Early in the fight Cotto looked great. So good , that it is hard to imagine that any other fighter could have beaten him on that night. The one possible exception just happened to be the man in the ring with him.

When asked to compare Pacquiao to the other top fighters he had faced, Miguel said,"I fought every body, you know Miguel Cotto comes to boxing to fight the biggest names. I'm always available and Manny is one of the best boxers we have of all time."


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