Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trick or Treat Mr Cotto

Brad Cooney

It is almost Halloween here in America. The kids are looking for costumes so they can knock on doors and score handfuls of candy. Halloween is the time when all the ghosts and goblins dance about the gravestones, and the haunted houses stir with activity. Will it be a trick or a treat for Miguel Cotto this Halloween season?

Miguel Cotto is still quietly training for his upcoming fight against the pound for pound king, Manny Pacquiao. The Puerto Rican brawler is the real deal, and for anyone who thinks he is not you better think again. A full fledged welterweight at 146lbs, he's a freight train that has no reverse gear built in him. He knows that this is the biggest fight of his career, and that a win over Pacquiao would shoot his stock sky high. More than likely so high, that it would land on HBO against Floyd Mayweather Jr for the biggest payday of his life, and perhaps ever.

So will he be treated or will he be tricked? There is a little guy named Manny that has a little something to say about this. Remember him? He used to steal cigarettes in the Philippines to make a buck. If you need help jogging your memory, he's the guy that mowed down every Mexican living legend put into his path. Perhaps not Marquez, although he still got a victory, and in doing so, he did knock him on his ass a few times. He's the guy that put Ricky Hatton to sleep in front of thousands of British fans, silencing the drums and the singing alike. He is also the guy that everybody thought was crazy by taking on Oscar De La Hoya. Well Oscar's team decided to quit on the stool in that one, too much Pacman to deal with.

Will Manny Pacquiao be like a ghost and disappear before Cotto can hit him? Will Cotto be tricked by the mind games of Freddie Roach? Will the fella from the Philippines haunt Miguel Cotto in his dreams? Or will it be the man from Puerto Rico that gets the last laugh?

Trick or treat men....trick or treat?

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