Tuesday, October 20, 2009

'Ramil' chases Pacman out of Baguio

The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines - Manny Pacquiao sneaked out of Baguio City last Sunday and will resume his training in Manila before he leaves for Los Angeles on Saturday or barely three weeks before his showdown with WBA welterweight champion Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas.

Fearing that Baguio might take a direct hit from the coming super typhoon “Ramil.”

Pacquiao called in his chief trainer Freddie Roach and adviser Mike Koncz to a meeting, and decided right there and then that they leave the country’s summer capital before midnight of Sunday.

“He had us jumping. But it’s Manny’s decision,” said Koncz.

“The main concern was that mountains in Baguio are already saturated and there might be problems getting out if the typhoon hits us. Manny doesn’t want to miss the departure for LA on Saturday,” said the boxer’s adviser who added that the convoy left Baguio shortly before midnight.

Koncz said it was a big decision to make considering that except for a couple of days when Pacquiao missed jogging because of the rains in Baguio, things were running quite smoothly up in the summer capital for the past four weeks.

“He just didn’t want any other distraction so he decided to leave Baguio,” he added.

As a result, Pacquiao likely missed another day of jogging yesterday as he had to rest in the morning after the 250-km journey from Baguio to Manila. But he was at the Peñalosa Gym in Mandaluyong yesterday afternoon for his regular workout that lasted almost three hours.

Koncz said the mudslides really don’t pose a problem for Pacquiao because a private plane owned by the boxer’s close friend, Chavit Singson, is always on standby for his use. But the problem is if flying out of Baguio would be advisable by Thursday if the typhoon indeed lands there.

Pacquiao resumes sparring today at the local gym, and Roach said the session could go beyond nine rounds. He spars again on Thursday and Saturday, and later on the day he should board the Philippine Airlines flight to Los Angeles for two more weeks of training.

The last week will have Pacquiao working out at the IBA Gym in Las Vegas. – Abac Cordero and Artemeo Dumlao

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